Real Estate Professionals of Wyoming


Investment Strategies

By Dennis Langdon


 “Before deciding what you should invest in, you should first know where you want to wind up.”(Rich Dad)

True financial education is the path to creating the life you want for yourself and your family.  Business and Investing is a team sport.  The first step in turning your ideas into millions, maybe even billions of dollars is to protect that idea. There are no ‘get rich quick’ tricks –just proven methods that deliver bottom-line profits and increased property values.  Having been working full time as an agent for 33 years and practicing investor for 22 years,  I work with investors using my expertise to guide and assist where needed.  I Work  with investors for maximum return on investment (ROI) with great cash flow!  I am Knowledgeable in 1031 tax deferred exchange and utilizing 401K, ROTH IRAS, IRAS to convert to self IRAS and other retirement pension plans to convert, with the help of a custodian/administrator to real estate while working within the laws permitted by the IRS.  I have been working with for 14 years.  Let me help you meet your full potential.


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